Tandem / Hacoopa

Wall art commission / january 2023

Sebastien Bouchard received an invitation to imagine a fresco in this house which will host a senior roommate. Live painting during open doors

fresque hacoopa orvault
fresque wall art Hacoopa orvault art urbain
"Reconstruction II" acrylic painting & graphite on canvas 90x90cm / september 2022
"Reconstruction II" acrylic painting & graphite on canvas 90x90cm / september 2022

Reconstruction(s) / UNHCR
Painting commission / september 2022

“Survivors of gender-based violence are often unseen, but they have a story to tell.”
UNHCR with the European Union commisionned Sébastien Bouchard to work on two paintings to illustrate the campaign to prevent, mitigate + respond to gender-based violence.

two 90x90cm acryling paintings on canvas : “Reconstruction & Reconstruction II

OctopusGirl / Galerie Jumble
Wall art in ephemeral exhibition / Lorient, France, july 2022

 Invited to Lorient, city of sailors and sailboats, by the Jumble Gallery to paint in a place destined to be destroyed, Sébastien Bouchard wanted to intervene on a brick wall and paint a revisited Octopus, like an echo of the world of the sea if close to the place. A few weeks earlier the artist had pasted many paintings on the walls of the city.


– Ouest France / 24.07.2022 / Lorient. Plongez dans l’art de la galerie éphémère Jumble

Street Art : "OctopusGirl" exposition éphèmere Galerie Jumble, Lorient, july 2022
"Corps Celestes" - Nantes, France
"Corps Celestes" - Nantes, France

Murals, “Corps Célestes” collective exhibition / Arty Show, La Ligue Contre le Cancer
Wall art painting / Nantes, France, 2022

For this collective exhibition in a former chocolate factory in Nantes, Sébastien Bouchard was in charge of the artistic direction and also a guest artist. On the walls, the works invite elevation through dance, through the gaze, and through the intention of the characters Exhibition organized by the Arty Show agency for the benefit of the League against Cancer.

– Nantes et Vous / 23.05.22 / Peintures murales de SebBouchard

Higher / Golden Age
Nantes, september 2020

In a former convent of nuns, intended to be renovated to become a shared apartment for seniors, Sébastien Bouchard was invited in residence to create an immersive work in entire room. Entitled “Higher” the work evokes in turn, mystical ecstasy, spatial conquest and animist devotions.

technics : painting, fabrics, modeling

Street Art : Higer / Golden Age, Nantes, september 2020
Higher / Golden Age, Nantes, september 2020

Revelation(s)* / French Institute of Nouakchott + Zein Gallery
painting Exhibition & Visual art workshop / Nouakchott, Mauritania, 2016

At the invitation of the French Institue of Nouakchott, Sébastien Bouchard led a workshop on  selportrait subject intended for an audience of professional artists.

In parallel, an exhibition of the artist’s works was organized in Zein Gallery