Wall art and Paste-up session in urban space

Eurydice & orphée collage sur le port du Doelan, commune de Clohars Carnoet juillet 2023

“Parcours” / Urban space
Collages & exhibition / Clohars Carnoët, France, 2023

At the invitation of the Jumble Gallery in Lorient and the commune of Clohars Carnoët, I carried out a collage course of original works painted in public space during the end of summer 2023. In parallel, my work as workshop was exhibited in La Longère: the city gallery.

“The trapeze artist” / Espace Victor Lemoine

Mural / Thatches in Retz, France, 2023
In collaboration with the artist LLoeill, and at the invitation of VTR art, I created a fresco on the facade of the new Cultural Space in the town of Chaumes en Retz (44). A trapeze artist moves among colorful arabesques to celebrate the rebirth of this ancient theater which has become a place of multiple artistic expressions.

fresque trapeziste chaumes en retz
Mural Reims by Sébastien Bouchard september 2023

“All of us”
wall painting / Reims France, 2023

Mural painted with Label Rue collective in Reims, France during festival organised by Bronca

“Oceanic Dreams”
wall painting / Saint Nazaire, France, 2023

Private command in sea side house, in Kerlédé, Saint-Nazaire.

"oceanic dreams" by Sébastien Bouchard, quartier Kerlédé, Saint Nazaire
"oceanic dreams" by Sébastien Bouchard, quartier Kerlédé, Saint Nazaire

wall painting / Bamako, Mali, 2023

Result of the 15 days residency in Bamako, Invited by the Institut Français in Mali to lead a muralism workshop. 

Skotos Girl
wall painting / Nantes, France, 2023


skotos girl wall painting nantes
SkotosGirl wallpainting nantes

Ouda  / Nouvelle Chaumiere
Wall painting / Nantes, France, 2023

Very happy to have painted this fresco for a new ephemeral artistic ans solidarity wasteland in Nantes

Gate tectonics  / (F)utiles
tryptic door painting / La Montagne, France, 2022

Invited by the association (F)utiles to create an exterior painting for the Loire by bike route, Sébastien Bouchard offers a triptych of painted doors, where 3 faces respond to each other: Asia, Africa and Europe seem to welcome the walker in complete serenity.


– Ouest France / 27.09.2022 / La Montagne. F’Utiles expose une œuvre de Sébastien Bouchard



Street Art : tryptic door painting La Montagne september 2022
paste up edinburgh

Tribute to..
Pasteup / Edinburgh, Scotland, 2022

two portrait pasted of scotish artists :

– William Delatour (1700/1767)
– David Martin (1737/1798)

pasted in the street of edinburgh, Scotland




L’Icone / Echo Festival
Wall art painting collaboration with Tanala / Le Loroux Bottereau, France, 2022

The Echo Festival was born from the desire to take advantage of the exceptional setting of the former Loroux Bottereau hospital to invite artists to take over the premises. More than thirty local artists and collectives participated via graffiti, painting, stencil, collage, volume creation or screen printing.

By a happy coincidence, this maternity is also the birthplace of Sébastien Bouchard who create with Tanala a new version of asian madona, with bizantin and natural attributs.


Street Art : collaboration with Tanala, Festival Echopital, Le Loroux Bottereau, mai 2022
Street Art : collaboration with Tanala, Festival Echopital, Le Loroux Bottereau, mai 2022<br />
© Pauline Theon

Journées du Patrimoine / Feydeau Collective
Painting paste up Ile Feydeau / Nantes, France, 2021

The collective of inhabitants of Feydeau Island, an historic district of Nantes with a heritage linked to the Atlantic triangular trade, invited Sébastien Bouchard during the event “Les Journées du Patrimoine” to create his collages of paintings in the courtyards and on the walls of buildings.

Street Art : painting / original acrylic on paper - Nantes, France / september 2021
Street Art : painting / original acrylic on paper - Nantes, France / september 2021
Street Art : painting / original acrylic on paper - Nantes, France / september 2021
Street Art : Opération Colombes, Street-art rue des olivettes, Nantes 2021

Operation Colombes / Médecins du Monde

Wall art / 2021, Nantes France

To mark the 35th anniversary of its presence, the organization has chosen an artist, in each city where it is present, to create a fresco inspired by the dove, the emblem of Médecins du Monde. In Nantes, it’s the artist Sébastien Bouchard, known for his urban and committed works, who imagined and painted a work around a sub-Saharan face and a bird’s wing.

Medium / Murs-Mur
Wall art / september 2021, rue des olivettes, Nantes, France

Commissioned by the owner of a former upholsterer’s workshop converted into an office, Sébastien Bouchard and LLoeil created wall art “Medium”, a colorful contemporary nod to “La Florentine” by Flandrin, a painting kept at the Nantes art museum.


see the video “Medium”

Street Art : Medium, Street-art rue des olivettes, Nantes 2021 / collaboration with Lloeill

FlowerPower / particular order
september 2020, Boju street, Trentemoult, France


in a former home to fisherman and Cape Horners, Trentemoult  is a colorfull village where urban art is growing each year. Sébastien Bouchard was commisioned by the owner of this house to create a wall art who remind us the connection between human and nature.


Street Art : FlowerPower / Trentemoult, september 2020

Urban voices / Alliance Française
workshop & Artshow, Ziguinchor, Sénégal

At the invitation of the Alliance Française of Zinguinchor, Casamance, Sébastien Bouchard led a workshop on artistic practice in an urban environment for an audience of amateur and professional artists.

In parallel, an exhibition of the artist’s works was organized

Abysses & Rivages / Alliance Francaise
paste up paintings & Exhibition / Banjul, Gambia, 2018

invited by the Alliance Française of Banjul to present an exhibition of paintings, Sébastien Bouchard intervened in parallel in the streets of the capital and in the villages of Gambia by pasting a series of paintings.

exhibition at Alliance Française Banuj, Gambia 2018
painting / spray & acrylic on paper - Tanji, Gambia april 2018